Spiritual Spring Cleaning

A unique person needs spiritual tools uniquely developed just for them. With the Spiritual Spring Cleaning course, the materials are prepared for you and only you! 

What You Get: 

Your Session: an Embodied Healing session with me, either by video or in my studio in Brooklyn. From this session, I'll take in information about your body through yoga, about your mind through tarot, about your energy through reiki, and about your self-identity through astrology. None of these practices are prescriptive or predictive the way I use them- merely ways of prompting conversation between you and yourself. 

Your Course Handbook: I'll hand-craft a beautiful booklet containing your personal 30-day course of readings, activities, and charms you can cast on your life to clear out spiritual clutter and move towards self-love. Each day's time commitment will be hand crafted to fit your schedule's needs.


Your Tea: I'll blend a mixture of herbal medicinals sourced collaboratively with a local naturopath that is specifically designed to help assist you on your 30-day cleanse. Whether you need focus, detox, calm, energizing, or another kind of tea will be assessed in your session. 


Your Crystal: I'll hand-wrap a stone or crystal selected with your needs and goals in mind, charged with reiki energy and ready to wear to remind yourself and others of your beautiful commitment to caring for yourself. 

Your session can be in person if you're in the NYC area, or via video chat if you're not. The rest of the materials can be created and shipped to you within a week of the session. If you live in the NYC area, I can hand-deliver the kit. 

Here's the other thing: due to a tour coming up, I have limited availability to create these courses. I'm closing up shop on this offer on April 30th.

The course is sliding scale, $200-$500. Individually all these services would be about $350, so if you're able to pay a little more than that you'd make it accessible for me to offer free low-income sessions to targeted marginalized groups. 


To register, fill out the form below and I'll get back to you within 24 hours! 

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