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Dec. 14, NYC: Re/IMAGINE: Holiday Benefit for No Kid Hungry

Join me on Dec 14th for an incredible event. I'll be reading cards in the meditation room, $20/reading, all proceeds go to No Kid Hungry.

From the event website:

On Thursday, December 14 we re/IMAGINE

A brilliant collection of minds are coming together to share a bright vision of the future while giving back this holiday season. Peace Accelerators, we are SUPERNATURAL, and Future Clear are joining forces to transform the Ballroom at The William Vale into an exploration of our high potential. Let's bring to life the world we all wish to live in. The evening will consist of an immersive forum for radical inspiration and community activation.

All ticket profits will be donated to No Kid Hungry, a national nonprofit that is working to end child hunger in America. Find more info at www.nokidhungry.org

:: what the evening looks like ::

- powerful talks by visionary voices of our time

- immersive artistic experiences

- intention setting rituals and meditations

- a marketplace exploring alternative currencies

- botanical cocktails and elixirs

- nutritious snacks & food

+ && much much more

As we curate an experience that reflects on the previous year, honors the present and sets our highest intentions for times ahead, we are excited to push forward the boundaries of event culture.

Join us, & let's RE/IMAGINE our joint future together.

To make this event non-exclusive and accessible to all, we've opened up tickets to a "pay what you can" basis. Spots must be reserved by making a payment through the Eventbrite link.

If you'd like to volunteer, please fill out this form to exchange your time and energy for a ticket: https://goo.gl/forms/Km2SINgOWayOtO0H2





MC: Nessa Norich


- Pendulum People (https://www.pendulumpeople.com)

- Darius Christian (https://www.dariuschristian.com)

- Andrei Matorin (http://andreimatorin.com)

- Adam Maalouf (http://www.adammaalouf.com)

- Treya Lam (https://www.pendulumpeople.com)

- Michael Hewitt (https://michaelhewett.bandcamp.com)

- Hila The Killa & Sir Kn8

- Emily Sause

- Frank Malloy IV

- Marlene Fritzler

+ many more


- Lonely C (Soul Clap): https://soundcloud.com/soulclap

- FDVM: https://soundcloud.com/fdvm

- 2Melo: https://soundcloud.com/2melo

- Omar Aena: https://soundcloud.com/omar-aena

- Carlita: https://soundcloud.com/carla-frayman

- Sky So Young

+ guests


- ICAN (Nobel Peace Prize Winner of 2017)

- Mo Gawdat (Chief Business Officer for Google X and the author of the book Solve for Happy)

- Jason Silva (Emmy-nominated and world renown TV personality, storyteller, filmmaker and futurist)



- The Art Rising

- Amy Howroyd

- Future Clear Productions

- Va-Radiance

- Eagle Rock Studios

- Pouch NYC

- Plus Farm

- Mannahatta

- Chelsea Hrynick Browne

- We Mirror / Joy Sela


- The Invisible Realm

- Patricia Gloum

+ more


MARKETPLACE: - Atlas Emporio - Bourbon Vintage - Connie Rose - Crystal Healer Source - Cult Party - Essential Rose Life - Eva Andre Design - Fragmentario - Gold Bear Studio - Hardenco - Smiley Art Goods - LVDF Design & Nova - Momotaro - Plant in City - Pouch - SHWAY Jewelry - Smiley Goods - Tiff Porter - Veins and Veins

Take part in a speed barter workshop led by Ashley Brooke Taylor where you will be matched based upon the goods and services people are offering and needing. You will fill out a simple card with your skills and your desires, and then you will see if your card is a match to someone else’s in the group. This workshop is part of ongoing research and testing for a cooperative digital platform of the barter-backed economy.



- No Kid Hungry

- Cities Rise (Global Development Incubator)

+ more


- Being:sound

- Sah D'Simone

+ collaborators


- Noon Mediterranean

- Justin's

- Barnana

- KIND Snacks

- GT's Kombucha

- Ambrosia Elixirs

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