• Jax Jackson

Astrojournal 12/13/17

What guiding philosophy have you built your thoughts around? Is there a fundamental point on which you focus your mind, aiming each of the elements that make up who you are to the center of its target?

Does hitting that target serve to expand your connection to hope? Or, like so many, have you uncovered ancient wounds that have thrown your thoughts towards falsehoods and hopelessness?

Good news: ancient wounds come with ancient remedies - now is the time to connect with your roots, to discover ancestral strategies for coping. None of this is new. Dive deep into your history to find a centering focus that serves healing, both of yourself and of the world around you.

ASTROJOURNAL is a daily infusion of inspiration from celestial guides. Take it as a writing prompt, take it as a meditation, take it as what you will, take it or leave it.

#astrojournal #embodiedhealing #horoscope #sunconjunctmercury#jupitertrineneptune #pallasconjuncturanus #pallasretrograde#uranusretrograde #mercuryretrograde

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