Mystics, Magic and Divination: A Full Moon Gathering at Alchemists Kitchen, Oct 15, 2017

September 25, 2017


An opening celebration of Season of the Witch at The Alchemist's Kitchen with an evening of intuitive readings & healing consultations.


Thursday, October 5th

6:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Join us at 6:00 PM for a collective blessing and intention setting with astrologer Demitra Vassiliadis


Readings will begin at 6:40pm




BOOK YOUR READING IN ADVANCE, these events tend to fill up VERY fast! 


Readings are $25 each and last 15 minutes


Please book your reading(s) in advance by selecting the reader(s) you would like to see and the available time slot(s) of your choice at this link


Availability is limited & not guaranteed at the door. 





Full Moon in Aries, the Full Moon of Right Action and Right Relationship:


On any Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in perfect opposition and therefore perfect balance to each other. On October 5th, the Aries Full Moon illuminates our individuated sense of self as well as our desires and the capacity to effectively act on them, while the Libra Sun illuminates our partnerships and the capacity to form balanced harmonious relationships. 


At 6:00pm, Demitra will explain the exquisite power of this Full Moon and lead a short ceremony to unify the room and harness and celebrate the power of this Full Moon. 


Join us for an evening of one on one consultations with Healers to reflect on past and future with greater clarity, replenish your own stock of healing remedies, & activate your psychic intuition.


Aura Reading | Kumi Ueki

Lenormand & Tarot | Jax Jackson

Astrology | Demitra Vassiliadis

Astrology, Karma & Transformation | Jenny Lynch

Altar Consultation | Emily Sause

Evolutive Tarot | Maria Soledad 

Intuitive Readings | David Sauvage





October 5th

 at 6:00pm



The Alchemist's Kitchen 

21 East 1st Street, 

New York, NY 10003



Consultation Descriptions:


Aura Reading | Kumi Ueki

Aura Readings look at the present moment in your energetical fields as represented in layers of auras. It is a fun way to get in touch with your true self and helps to make decisions for your future.


Lenormand & Tarot | Jax Jackson

Find certainty for unsure situations, and clarify unclear intentions. While Tarot uses the hidden messages of the inner self to identify blocks and tools, Lenormand follows more of a fortune-telling tradition to prescribe practical advice.


Intuitive Readings | David Sauvage

A highly sensitive empath and psychic, David will see into your emotional body and guide you toward healing.


Evolutive Tarot | Maria Soledad 

A reading to help identify blockages and past events that need to be healed and integrated at a cognitive level.

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