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teal background with the collective tarot, rider-smith-waite, and haindl page of cups cards, a selenite wand above, a pink flower below

What mysteries do my dreams uncover? That's the question asked by the PAGE OF CUPS / PRINCESS OF CUPS IN THE NORTH / SEEKER OF BOTTLES / BRIGID OF IRELAND cards. What follows is a comparison of the imagery and interpretation of the Rider-Waite, The Haindl, and the Collective Tarot decks' respective Page of the water suit cards.


Rider-Waite's page, bedecked in a lotus-flower print garment, stands in a saucy position with a hand on his hip, a cup with a fish in it who peers over the edge at the smiling (or smirking) page. His lotuses indicate a thoughtful meditative quality, but the waves behind him indicate stirred waters. Perhaps this isn't such a bad thing- perhaps things need to get mixed up to keep things flowing. In The New Tarot Handbook, Rachel Pollack wonders if the fish and the man are psychically able to talk to each other. This could indicate contact with that part of us which dwells in the deep waters of our subconscious- that inner voice that rises up to peer over the edge of consciousness to inform us of what we have known all along.

Haindl shows the large face of a serious but gentle-looking woman overlooking a ring of stones- she is Brigid of Ireland, a mythic and historical figure who was a nun, devoted to healing and service. A guardian of the sacred flame, it may seem counterintuitive that a water card would be so fiery. Haindl's painting of the historical stones beneath Brigid even seem to be aflame. This is part of Brigid's passion for devoted service, a radiant light emanating from within her, so much so that she was thought to be on fire. As a mythical figure, she was originally a goddess of celtic religion, who was then absorbed into Christianity as a saint. Her feast day, Imbolc, starts off Spring, when rain pours down and the sun warms the earth. At the festival, people would celebrate divination and prophecy, among other springtime rituals. Brigid, a major goddess, was patron of many elements of life, but as a tarot reader this jumps out at me the most. Divination and Brigid as pictured in Haindl's deck tie together the flame of inspiration and the cool water of healing, indicating that we can and should combine our emotional life with our passionate creativity.

Collective Tarot is a smiling dreamer, floating in the still water of their imagination, with a cloud around their heart containing a message in a bottle. The message they have written in their heart is theirs to keep, to consider, to float out into the waters. Sacha Marini, in the Collective's guide book, says this is "pure crush art"- that abandon and passion that result in shamelessly wearing your heart on your sleeve.


Thanks to @inthe78cards and @thetruthinstory for hosting this month's awesome challenge on Instagram!


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