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5 Practical Reasons to Have Tarot at Your Event

Over the years I've worked as a tarot reader for parties and events large and small, parties where I'm a regular, from the large late-night Brooklyn-based Psychic parties, to sober morning raves Morning Gloryville NYC and Shine On NYC, to small home birthday parties, large fundraising events at colleges, and on and on. Whether you're a scenemaker throwing a monthly event at a warehouse in Bed Stuy, an event coordinator putting together the annual fundraiser, or the owner of a bar looking to stand out in the crowd this weekend, anyone organizing an event can benefit greatly from inviting a tarot reader to their party. Here I've listed some practical reasons to have tarot at your next event! If you're into it, please feel free to email me for information about how to book a tarot reader at your next event.


Party people can't get enough of good conversation starters. Maybe it's the decorations, the music, an interesting venue location, a controversial theme, or some mysterious bartender. Maybe it's a unique element: food, performance, artwork, go-go dancers. Anything that stimulates connection is good for a party, no matter how "out there" or strange it might seem. A tarot table is a major chat-booster- two partygoers who get a reading can chat about their results afterwards, compare notes, get to know each other. Tarot readings also facilitate a very real and very safe form of intimacy with someone else- as the reader interprets the cards, the recipient feels seen and heard in their deepest questionings. A good reader will leave the querent feeling relieved and ready to face any challenge, which will lighten the mood of the whole party.


Imagine it: you're at an event, chit chatting with someone about this or that, or waiting for your turn at the snack table, when you glance over your shoulder to see a person quietly shuffling cards at a table nearby. They look up, give you a gentle smile, and go back to their business, whatever it is. Excited, intrigued, and perhaps a little shy, you travel around the party wondering if this is the night you finally figure out what is going on with that burning question you've been carrying around. Having a tarot reader present is a thrilling experience, even for those partygoers who don't use their services it adds a little bit of danger to the atmosphere. What's that reader going to tell you?


If you hire a reader for the party, it's up to you whether you want to pay them an up front stipend or let the party goers pay for their own readings. If it's the former, you're likely to foster some great relationships with local readers, and that's always a good thing. You also can claim that the tarot readings are free for guests, which is like offering a special treat to the folks at your event. Word about that gets around, you're the host with the most! If you choose not to pay your reader a stipend, they'll set their own fees, and guests will get to feel like they're being offered options for their own entertainment, rather than handouts and freebies that can be discarded. Paying for your own reading can make you feel like you have a sense of ownership, and if the guests are paying, you can feel good about your own budget. Just be sure to check in with the tarot reader you've asked there that they feel good about what they've made over the course of the night, and try to nudge guests towards their table if it looks like they're having a slow night.


One or two elements at a party will keep your guests engaged for awhile, but at a certain point, drinks and DJs fail to be enough to keep early-leaving guests stimulted. A 10-minute reading can be just enough to refuel and revamp a partygoer's energy. If the tarot table is particularly popular, guests will stay on to claim their spot in line. "Are you ready to hit the road?" turns into "I'm staying to get a chance to have my tarot cards read" (which can also translate to "the line is long, I'm gonna buy another drink!")


Possibly the most important reason to have a tarot reader at your party is that tarot readings can be incredibly mind-clearing and beneficial to the mood. Knowing how to approach a heavy problem or lingering question frees you to have a good time, and release from worry and anxiety. If you have even just a handful of party goers who get readings, they'll bring that clarity and weightlessness to others in their interactions. Maybe a reading gives the shy person courage to buy a drink for their crush. Perhaps the tarot cards instruct the withdrawn gentleman to dance more, and he lights up the floor. If the entrepreneur gets the go ahead from the reader, she might drop her business card to a few potential clients. A tarot reader can offer graceful, eloquent, pervasive and intimate connection around unsolved mysteries of the mind, and what better way to honor and delight your guests than with such a heartfelt gesture as inviting a tarot reader to table at your event?

The benefits of tarot on an individual basis are many- clarity of vision and purpose, deeper emotional connection, higher understanding of events, clearer sense of action, and on and on. The benefits of tarot in group settings are just as many. I've boiled it down to just five here, but you might think of more. If you've been to an event where tarot readers or other psychic service providers were present, what was your experience?

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